Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns

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The first sort by thir own suggestion fell, Self-tempted, self- deprav'd : Man falls deceiv'd [ ] By the other first: Man therefore shall find grace, The other none: in Mercy and Justice both, Through Heav'n and Earth, so shall my glorie excel, But Mercy first and last shall brightest shine.

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Thus while God spake, ambrosial fragrance fill'd [ ] All Heav'n , and in the blessed Spirits elect Sense of new joy ineffable diffus'd : Beyond compare the Son of God was seen Most glorious, in him all his Father shon Substantially express'd , and in his face [ ] Divine compassion visibly appeerd , Love without end, and without measure Grace, Which uttering thus he to his Father spake.

O Father, gracious was that word which clos'd Thy sovran sentence, that Man should find grace; [ ] For which both Heav'n and Earth shall high extoll Thy praises, with th' innumerable sound Of Hymns and sacred Songs, wherewith thy Throne Encompass'd shall resound thee ever blest. For should Man finally be lost, should Man [ ] Thy creature late so lov'd , thy youngest Son Fall circumvented thus by fraud, though joynd With his own folly?

So should thy goodness and thy greatness both [ ] Be questiond and blaspheam'd without defence. To whom the great Creatour thus reply'd. O Son, in whom my Soul hath chief delight, Son of my bosom, Son who art alone My word, my wisdom, and effectual might , [ ] All hast thou spok'n as my thoughts are, all As my Eternal purpose hath decreed: Man shall not quite be lost, but sav'd who will, Yet not of will in him, but grace in me Freely voutsaft ; once more I will renew [ ] His lapsed powers, though forfeit and enthrall'd By sin to foul exorbitant desires; Upheld by me, yet once more he shall stand On even ground against his mortal foe, By me upheld, that he may know how frail [ ] His fall'n condition is, and to me ow All his deliv'rance , and to none but me.

Some I have chosen of peculiar grace Elect above the rest; so is my will: The rest shall hear me call, and oft be warnd [ ] Thir sinful state, and to appease betimes Th' incensed Deitie while offerd grace Invites; for I will cleer thir senses dark, What may suffice, and soft'n stonie hearts To pray, repent, and bring obedience due. And I will place within them as a guide My Umpire Conscience, whom if they will hear, [ ] Light after light well us'd they shall attain, And to the end persisting, safe arrive.

This my long sufferance and my day of grace They who neglect and scorn, shall never taste; But hard be hard'nd , blind be blinded more, [ ] That they may stumble on, and deeper fall; And none but such from mercy I exclude. But yet all is not don ; Man disobeying, Disloyal breaks his fealtie , and sinns Against the high Supremacie of Heav'n , [ ] Affecting God-head, and so loosing all, To expiate his Treason hath naught left, But to destruction sacred and devote, He with his whole posteritie must dye , Dye hee or Justice must; unless for him [ ] Som other able, and as willing, pay The rigid satisfaction, death for death.

Say Heav'nly Powers, where shall we find such love , Which of ye will be mortal to redeem Mans mortal crime, and just th' unjust to save, [ ] Dwels in all Heaven charitie so deare? He ask'd , but all the Heav'nly Quire stood mute , And silence was in Heav'n : on mans behalf Patron or Intercessor none appeerd , Much less that durst upon his own head draw [ ] The deadly forfeiture, and ransom set.

And now without redemption all mankind Must have bin lost, adjudg'd to Death and Hell By doom severe, had not the Son of God, In whom the fulness dwells of love divine, [ ] His dearest mediation thus renewd. Thou at the sight Pleas'd , out of Heaven shalt look down and smile, While by thee rais'd I ruin all my Foes, Death last , and with his Carcass glut the Grave: Then with the multitude of my redeemd [ ] Shall enter Heaven long absent, and returne , Father, to see thy face, wherein no cloud Of anger shall remain, but peace assur'd , And reconcilement; wrauth shall be no more Thenceforth, but in thy presence Joy entire.

His words here ended, but his meek aspect Silent yet spake, and breath'd immortal love To mortal men, above which only shon Filial obedience: as a sacrifice Glad to be offer'd , he attends the will [ ] Of his great Father. Admiration seis'd All Heav'n , what this might mean, and whither tend Wondring ; but soon th' Almighty thus reply'd :. O thou in Heav'n and Earth the only peace Found out for mankind under wrauth , O thou [ ] My sole complacence! As in him perish all men, so in thee As from a second root shall be restor'd , As many as are restor'd , without thee none.

His crime makes guiltie all his Sons, thy merit [ ] Imputed shall absolve them who renounce Thir own both righteous and unrighteous deeds, And live in thee transplanted, and from thee Receive new life. So Man, as is most just, Shall satisfie for Man, be judg'd and die, [ ] And dying rise, and rising with him raise His Brethren, ransomd with his own dear life. So Heav'nly love shall outdoo Hellish hate, Giving to death, and dying to redeeme , So dearly to redeem what Hellish hate [ ] So easily destroy'd , and still destroyes In those who, when they may, accept not grace.

Nor shalt thou by descending to assume Mans Nature, less'n or degrade thine owne. Then all thy Saints assembl'd , thou shalt judge [ ] Bad men and Angels, they arraignd shall sink Beneath thy Sentence; Hell her numbers full, Thenceforth shall be for ever shut. Remember that unless you are united, keeping your tongues within your teeth, you will be afraid to trust your secrets to each other, and thus perpetuate our miseries under the christians!!!!!

Let our enemies go on with their butcheries, and at once fill up their cup. Never make an attempt to gain our freedom or natural right , from under our cruel oppressors and murderers, until you see your way clear; when that hour arrives and you move, be not afraid or dismayed; for be you assured that Jesus Christ the king of heaven and of earth who is the God of justice and of armies, will surely go before you.

And those enemies who have for hundreds of years stolen our rights , and kept us ignorant of Him and His divine worship, he will remove.

Millions of whom, are this day, so ignorant and avaricious, that they cannot conceive how God can have an attribute of justice, and show mercy to us because it pleased Him to make us black—which color, Mr. Jefferson calls unfortunate!!!!!! As though we are not as thankful to our God for having made us as it pleased himself, as they the whites are for having made them white.

They think because they hold us in their infernal chains of slavery that we wish to be white, or of their color—but they are dreadfully deceived—we wish to be just as it pleased our Creator to have made us, and no avaricious and unmerciful wretches, have any business to make slaves of or hold us in slavery. How would they like for us to make slaves of, or hold them in cruel slavery, and murder them as they do us? But is Mr. Jefferson's assertion true? The world will have an opportunity to see whether it is unfortunate for us, that our Creator has made us darker than the whites.

Fear not the number and education of our enemies , against whom we shall have to contend for our lawful right; guaranteed to us by our Maker; for why should we be afraid, when God is, and will continue if we continue humble to be on our side? The man who would not fight under our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, in the glorious and heavenly cause of freedom and of God—to be delivered from the most wretched, abject and servile slavery, that ever a people was afflicted with since the foundation of the world, to the present day—ought to be kept with all of his children or family, in slavery, or in chains, to be butchered by his cruel enemies.

Saint Francis Third Order Confraternity of Penitents

I saw a paragraph, a few years since, in a South Carolina paper, which, speaking of the barbarity of the Turks it said: "The Turks are the most barbarous people in the world—they treat the Greeks more like brutes than human beings. I declare it is really so funny to hear the Southerners and Westerners of this country talk about barbarity , that it is positively, enough to make a man smile. The sufferings of the Helots among the Spartans, were somewhat severe, it is true, but to say that theirs were as severe as ours among the Americans I do most strenuously deny—for instance, can any man show me an article on a page of ancient history which specifies, that, the Spartans chained, and hand-cuffed the Helots, and dragged them from their wives and children, children from their parents, mothers from their sucking babes, wives from their husbands, driving them from one end of the country to the other?

Notice the Spartans were heathens, who lived long before our Divine Master made his appearance in the flesh. Can Christian Americans deny these barbarous cruelties? Have you not Americans, having subjected us under you, added to these miseries, by insulting us in telling us to our face, because we are helpless that we are not of the human family? I ask you, O! Americans, I ask you, in the name of the Lord, can you deny these charges? Some perhaps may deny, by saying, that they never thought or said that we were not men.

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But do not actions speak louder than words? Nations who have never done the least thing for them, while we who have enriched their country with our blood and tears—have dug up gold and silver for them and their children, from generation to generation, and are in more miseries than any other people under heaven, are not seen, but by comparatively a handful of the American people?

There are indeed, more ways to kill a dog besides choaking it to death with butter. The Spartans or Lacedemonians, had some frivolous pretext for enslaving the Helots, for they Helots while being free inhabitants of Sparta, stirred up an intestine commotion, and were by the Spartans subdued, and made prisoners of war. Consequently they and their children were condemned to perpetual slavery. I have been for years troubling the pages of historians to find out what our fathers have done to the white Christians of America , to merit such condign punishment as they have inflicted on them, and do continue to inflict on us their children.

But I must aver, that my researches have hitherto been to no effect.


I have therefore come to the immovable conclusion, that they Americans have, and do continue to punish us for nothing else, but for enriching them and their country. For I cannot conceive of any thing else. Nor will I ever believe otherwise until the Lord shall convince me. The world knows, that slavery as it existed among the Romans, which was the primary cause of their destruction was, comparatively speaking, no more than a cypher , when compared with ours under the Americans. Indeed, I should not have noticed the Roman slaves, had not the very learned and penetrating Mr.

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Jefferson said, "When a master was murdered, all his slaves in the same house or within hearing, were condemned to death. Jefferson, but he is gone to answer at the bar of God, for the deeds done in his body while living, I therefore ask the whole American people, had I not rather die, or be put to death than to be a slave to any tyrant, who takes not only my own, but my wife and children's lives by the inches? Yea, would I meet death with avidity far! Jefferson's very severe remarks on us have been so extensively argued upon by men whose attainments in literature, I shall never be able to reach, that I would not have meddled with it, were it not to solicit each of my brethren, who has the spirit of a man, to buy a copy of Mr.

Jefferson's "Notes on Virginia," and put it in the hand of his son. For let no one of us suppose that the refutations which have been written by our white friends are enough—they are whites —we are blacks. We, and the world wish to see the charges of Mr. Jefferson refuted by the blacks themselves , according to their chance: for we must remember that what the whites have written respecting this subject, is other men's labors and did not emanate from the blacks. I know well, that there are some talents and learning among the coloured people of this country, which we have not a chance to develope, in consequence of oppression; but our oppression ought not to hinder us from acquiring all we can.

God will not suffer us, always to be oppressed. Our sufferings will come to an end , in spite of all the Americans this side of eternity. Then we will want all the learning and talents among ourselves, and perhaps more, to govern ourselves. But let us review Mr. Jefferson's remarks respecting us some further. Comparing our miserable fathers, with the learned philosophers of Greece, he says:.

It is not their condition then, but nature , which has produced the distinction. See this, my brethren!! Do you believe that this assertion is swallowed by millions of the whites? Do you know that Mr. Jefferson was one of as great characters as ever lived among the whites? See his writings for the world, and public labors for the United States of America.

Do you believe that the assertions of such a man, will pass away into oblivion unobserved by this people and the world?

If you do you are much mistaken—See how the American people treat us—have we souls in our bodies? I know that there are many swell-bellied fellows among us whose greatest object is to fill their stomachs. Such I do not mean—I am after those who know and feel, that we are men as well as other people; to them, I say, that unless we try to refute Mr. Jefferson's arguments respecting us, we will only establish them.

But the slaves among the Romans. Every body who has read history, knows, that as soon as a slave among the Romans obtained his freedom, he could rise to the greatest eminence in the State, and there was no law instituted to hinder a slave from buying his freedom.

The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible

Have not the Americans instituted laws to hinder us from obtaining our freedom. Do any deny this charge? Further: have not the Americans instituted laws to prohibit a man of colour from obtaining and holding any office whatever, under the government of the United States of America? Now, Mr. Jefferson tells us that our condition is not so hard, as the slaves were under the Romans!!!! It is time for me to bring this article to a close. But before I close it, I must observe to my brethren that at the close of the first Revolution in this country with Great Britain, there were but thirteen States in the Union, now there are twenty-four, most of which are slave-holding States, and the whites are dragging us around in chains and hand-cuffs to their new States and Territories to work their mines and farms, to enrich them and their children, and millions of them believing firmly that we being a little darker than they, were made by our creator to be an inheritance to them and their children forever—the same as a parcel of brutes!!

Are we men!!

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    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns
    Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns

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