The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)

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Hector tilted his head. He treats me like a mushroom…you know, keeps me in the dark and feeds me horseshit. Read Back To Iraq. Three of these new characters become Janitors in later books of the series. In this book, a famous actress is kidnapped and the race is on to rescue her. All the while, another individual is sailing the Pacific with his dog and is drawn into the situation with the actress through no fault of his own…other than being a good guy. When he found Murgatroyd, he also found Billie Jo Lane. She was petting the dog, which had appeared out of nowhere, when the tallish, not totally unattractive man walked up.

Steve smiled as he looked at the naked woman who stood up as he approached. You think this chain is some sort of sexual bondage game? Buy it NOW and read it tonight! Keep up the good work.

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Marty Meagher, Staff Sgt. As in Dog Pound, the Janitors take a vacation, except for a cameo appearance, which is a continuation of the mission started in Dog Pound. There are some new characters in this book who either help the Janitors in later books, or become Janitors for one mission.

In this book, a charter plane headed for Las Vegas crashes in the Rocky Mountains. In short order it is determined that the crash was no accident. While that investigation goes forward, a young man and young woman, who met on the plane, get separated from the rest of those aboard and, being well below the rest of the plane, decide to head down the mountain. As they do so, two escaped criminals head up the same mountain, trying to avoid re-capture.

But I have a surprise for you. We shall float down the river in a majestic vessel. In the horseshit palace lays a fine boat. With said fine boat, we can just float down the river until we reach a town, village, house with people…or even a road. This is a way out for us. Phyllis put on his walking shoes over her sandals and headed out the door. He followed, caught her, took her hand, and led her to the shed. She looked at the boat and nearly laughed.

Those who have read Dog Pound and Toboggan should have by now figured out that Dan and Janet are destined to join the Janitors…which happens in the next book, Saltwater Connection. In this novel, our old spies from the Janitors team, Boris Telman and Drew Hollins, butt heads with an old advisory in the person of a ruthless and bloodthirsty Chinese master spy.

During the course of the book, Dan and Janet Orf work with the team, then join it about a third of the way through it. During the course of the book, there are two other changes to the team as well. During this mission, the team also discovers another al-Qaida plot and seeks to defuse it before calamity ensues. This time they have a deadly plan involving al-Qaida that makes even some within China very uncomfortable with the situation. But with no way to prove where they came from, the President—to his credit—decides to let history stand that the reports of WMD in Iraq were incorrect.

After the trip to Syria, the team—back to a smaller number—tracks down al-Qaida cells in the United States and Canada…after another side trip along the way.

To review other books by this author, please go to: www. This is a Flippage feature that allows the readers to read a small sample of the book s they would like to review. Sedona Chip see at Amazon In this, the final book of the Janitor series, the French offer the opportunity for a bit of comic relief, which the President, General Bradley, and the Janitors jump on. Along the way, the team manages…of course…to find a few pockets of al-Qaidas to deal with.

At the very end of the book, the stage is set for the next 9-book series…the Asps. Some browsers such as Firefox and Chrome do not turn the pages properly.

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That will take you directly to the Amazon listing of the book. Once there, just click on the book, and scroll down for the same effect. Even before the new team is formed, they have their first mission assigned…trying to uncover an al-Qaida plot on the island nation of Dominica. The former Janitors also become more involved as a ruthless al-Qaida figure, intent on branching out on his own and forming, eventually, a new organization, is first slowed down, then hunted down. In this book, the team ranges far and wide in their efforts to thwart the terrorist movement into the drug business.

They also seek to stop an al-Qaida plot for more carnage in both the United Kingdom, and the United States, as they break up terrorist training centers in several locations. Many of these efforts take place south of the U. Along the way the team discovers an alarming secret about the man.

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They also spend a good deal of time on other matters in the process of the hunt. The team works with both MI6 and Mossad during the course of their operations. As the book starts, and for a large portion of it, the team is trying to capture a half German, half Egyptian member of al-Qaida. Bullets and Baseball see at Amazon In this sixth book of the Asps series, we mix baseball, bionics, and still more action against the Islamist movement.

Along the way they get involved for the first time in direct conflict with the Haqqani network. Billy's Rescue see at Amazon During the course of this book, Billy Garcia is taken captive by a group of Taliban and al-Qaida terrorists. In both cases…pity the terrorists because they know not what they have done, nor what they have let themselves in for. They also go back to Columbia once again, as al-Qaida seems intent on getting into the drug business there. Father Mulligan see at Amazon Father Mulligan is the eighth and next to last book of the Asps series.

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bomj: The Tickleton Affair, Book #5 of the Janitors Series - Tickletons gone missing.

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The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5) The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)
The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5) The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)
The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5) The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)
The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5) The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)
The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5) The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)
The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5) The Tickleton Affair (Janitors Book 5)

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