The Summoners:Chapter 1

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Narration begins, speaking for the thoughts of the Protagonist. Narration reveals Protagonist does not remember anything.

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They follow the call of an unidentified summoner. They finds themself in Shinjuku Central Park at night.

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They identify their location with their phone, and recall they were playing on their phone before their memory cuts off. He is released upon phone unlock. Salomon explains who he is, that someone summoned them, what summoning and Summoners are, and what the App is. Salmon detects an abnormal presence coming, and Ryota runs into the Protagonist, escaping chase of a preying Red Oni and Slimes. Ryota leads the Protagonist away, but the Oni catches up, and the Protagonist tells Ryota to split up while he fends the Oni off.

Salomon appears and tells the Protagonist they can fight back as a Summoner, and uses the App to find an entity with a profound bond to them that they can summon. Ryota returns to bait off the Oni.

Mark of the Summoners

Salomon insists they use the opportunity to run, but they runs to his rescue, and runs alongside him in their escape. The Oni catches up, and encroaches on Ryota, but Salomon appears and instructs the Protagonist how to summon his Sacred Artifact. They summon a sword, and battle begins. Victorious, the Protagonist makes a new Summoner-Transient pact with the Oni before he vanishes. Salomon provides a limited explanation of Sacred Artifacts and their relation to Rules and Roles , then Ryota leads them out of the park.

Ryota and the Protagonist are on their way out of the park. Ryota explains Gates and Transients. Salomon appears and continues explaining Gates, pointing out how the Shinjuku Gate is different from the ones he studied. He also informs them he is not from this world but from one parallel, summoned by a summoner, and how he can return to his home world.

He explains how the Summoner Emblem is key to finding their summoner. The story follows the protagonist, Naran, through his training in both 'regular' magic and summoning magic. He may be a child, but he's smart, skilled and ressourceful enough to survive harsh trials. There are slice of life vibes, the author created an ecosystem and a fauna of his own.

The magic system seems solid. The world is rather mysterious for now, world building is most often done in a way that we discover the world alongside the protagonist.

The grammar has some issues, since the author isn't a native speaker. A few recurring mistakes, confusing sentences now and then, but nothing too hindering, and it gets better progressively except for the interludes where I had to read some parts twice, I suppose they were written much earlier. It reads smoothly nonetheless, the pacing is fine albeit slow , the protagonist has depth and is realistic. I'm not too fond of 1st person pov because it sometimes feels like endless monologs, but I like the occasional quirkiness and humour in the narration.

The plot has barely started I think, but the blurt is a promise of epicness.

Wangzar the summoner

In our amazing community, you can find various talented individuals who write as a hobby or even professionally, artists who create art for them, and many, many readers who provide valuable feedback and encouragement. The Summoner's Call by Ajnaran. Start Reading. Mark as Not Interested Rate it. Read Later.

Advertisement Remove. Warning This fiction contains: Gore Profanity. Table of Contents. Chapter Name Release Date Prologue 2 years ago Chapter 1 Book 1: The Great Wild 2 years ago Chapter 2 2 years ago Chapter 3 2 years ago Chapter 4 2 years ago Chapter 5 2 years ago Chapter 6 2 years ago Chapter 7 2 years ago Chapter 8 2 years ago Chapter 9 2 years ago Chapter 10 2 years ago Interlude 1 2 years ago Interlude 2 2 years ago Chapter 11 2 years ago Chapter 12 2 years ago Chapter 13 2 years ago Chapter 14 2 years ago Chapter 15 2 years ago Chapter 16 2 years ago Chapter 17 2 years ago Chapter 18 2 years ago Chapter 19 2 years ago Chapter 20 End of Book 1 2 years ago Epilogue 2 years ago Prologue 2 2 years ago Chapter 21 23 months ago Chapter 22 23 months ago Chapter 23 23 months ago Chapter 24 23 months ago.

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Style Score. The angular face and brimming eyes show his natural charisma that fails to be described clearly. His dark curly hair notably distinguishes him from others. The young man is tall and slender. He wears a dark black form-fitting robe which brings out his thinness, the only flaw in his figure.


In front of the chest, a-flaming-wolf-like pattern is embroidered on the robe, and the flaming wolf is the family logo of the Wolf Family. People of Wolf Manor seems shocked by this new behemoth and wonders what it is on earth. Rowen is dumbfounded, too. But it is more like a huge iron box. Rowen looks up and finds that the iron box is so tall that it almost reaches the top of the meeting hall that is much higher than a normal house.

There is no exaggeration to say that the iron box is approximately eight meters high.

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Compared with its height, the length and width of this iron box do not appear so conspicuous, but it looks like at least three meters wide, or maybe it is more proper to say that it is a small iron house rather than an iron box. The only problem is that there are no doors in this iron house. Rowen examines the box carefully all around and finds that it is perfectly united and sealed, so he doubts that it is neither an iron box nor an iron house, but a solid block of iron.

Hearing this voice, people all stops discussing immediately and Rowen also comes to himself from surprise and doubt. Rowen raises his head and sees an old man with hoary hair. He has a pair of piercing eyes on his weather-beaten face, but he looks hale and hearty.

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All the people in the hall are looking at Rowen and no one makes a sound. Written by Summoner Union, the Summoned Beast Archive is an authoritative book containing detailed information of summoned beasts appearing in Cang Yun Continent in thousands of years. Names, ranks and abilities of different summoning beasts are clearly recorded in the Summoned Beast Archive, but if no records can be found in the book, then there is only one possibility.

A summoner cannot wield magical power as much as a wizard nor does he have the strong body or subtle martial art as warriors do. However, a summoner owns a high position as a wizard or warrior on the Cang Yun Continent in that a summoner is able to call out strong summoning beasts. So the power of summoning beasts directly determines the strength of a summoner.

The Summoners:Chapter 1
The Summoners:Chapter 1
The Summoners:Chapter 1
The Summoners:Chapter 1
The Summoners:Chapter 1
The Summoners:Chapter 1

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