The Day the Flowers Died

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Día De Los Muertos In Mexico: Why Do The Dead Love Orange Flowers?

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Eli Levin was raised in a strict orthodox Jewish home while Rebecca Baum grew up in an affluent Catholic family. Despite their differences, they stay true to each other and form a bond that lasts well after the war. Through-out family disapproval, social prejudice and a growing Nazi party, they struggle and overcome; but when identity becomes the difference between life and death, the two must make decisions that will change their lives forever.

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First, what exactly is deadheading? This gardening term simply means to remove the old spent blooms including any developing seed from a plant to help keep it blooming longer. All of the various blooms that nature developed not plant breeders are an attempt to ensure that seeds are produced and the next generation of plants develops.

To Deadhead or Not to Deadhead...

In some cases, once seed has been produced, thus ensuring the survival of the species, the plant will stop blooming since there is no reason to put energy into blooming any longer. It was probably a gardener that figured out removing old flowers before they produce seed will keep plants blooming longer. This can be a rather time consuming endeavor, but many times is considered a labor of love. In more recent times, plant breeders have put a lot of effort into increasing the blooming time of plants. These plants keep on trying, unsuccessfully, to produce seed so they keep producing flowers. Rather frustrating for the plant, but easy for the gardener.

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As time has gone on plant breeders have put a lot of effort into choosing plants that will continue to bloom without deadheading. Sometimes this is because the flowers are sterile and sometimes it is simply because it is possible to choose plants who are prolific bloomers despite setting seed. This simply means that wind or other factors will cause the flowers to either blow off the plant or simply melt away leaving no old flower to remove.

Now if only my car was self-cleaning! In these cases knowing how to properly deadhead will be necessary. In most cases, when deadheading you can simply remove the old flower by pinching off the stem just below the base of the flower. This will remove the old flower and keep it from producing seed — the goal of deadheading. Please note that simply pulling off the dead flower petals without removing the developing seed pod does not increase flower production since seeds will still develop.

Any flower can be removed just above the first leaf below the flower head without affecting the rest of the plant. For plants with larger stems removing just the flower may leave an ugly stem exposed. Cutting just above the first leaf, will remove the unsightly stem as well as the flower.

This is also the preferred method of deadheading for plants that bloom with spikes of flowers. New research has recently shown that even roses flower more prolifically when old flowers are removed just above the first leaf below the flower rather than at the first set of 5 leaves this is the standard method promoted by most people.

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The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died
The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died
The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died
The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died
The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died
The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died
The Day the Flowers Died The Day the Flowers Died

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