Monarchs in Rhyme

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How to Memorize the 12 British Monarchs 10X Faster Description

Next Edward the seventh wore the crown, it is said. It was one size too small, and hurt his bald head! Then George number five reached the top of the ladder - A worthy successor to Edward his dadda! Who next? Yes - Prince Edward, this time number eight. He didn't last too long, I grieve to relate. His brother, young George, was the next in the line. I think that his number was SIX - perhaps nine?

These Edwards and Georges are making me dizzy. I welcome the change to an old-fashioned Lizzie! Currently voted the best answer. One, two, three Eds, Richard two, Henry four, five, six, then who? Edward four, five, Dick the bad, Harrys twain, and Ned the lad.

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Ed seven ruled till nineteen-ten When George the fifth came in and then, Ed eighth left when Simpson beckoned, Leaving George and Liz the second. Get a new mixed Fun Trivia quiz each day in your email.

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Ethical conundrums. This sporting life. Stage and screen. Birds and the bees.

The Monarchs' Song

Richard Fattorini, Bridgend, Mid-Glamorgan. E L Isaacs, Barnet, Herts.

Or a rhyme to find out who'll be the last S Stack stack srv0. One two three Edward, Richard Two, Henry, four, five, six then who?

Kings and Queens of England

Edward four, five, Dick the Bad; Harry twain then Ned the lad. Sandra L. Then Henry the second - Plantagenet's scion Richard the first was as brave as a lion, John though a tyrant - the charter was signed Henry the third had a weakly mind. Edward the first, conquered Cambria Dales Edward the second was born - prince of Wales Edward the third humbled France in her pride, Richard the second - in prison died. Henry the fourth, for his own took the crown, Henry the fifth brought the french king down, Henry the sixth lost his father's gains, Edward the fourth took hold of the reigns, Edward the fifth died with his brother, Richard the third soon made way for another!

Henry the seventh was frugal of means, Henry the eighth had a great many queens, Edward the sixth reformation began, Cruel Queen Mary prevented the plan, Elizabeth the first had a great many aims, England and Scotland were joined by king James.

Kings Rhymes

Charles the first found his people a cruel correcter, Cromwell was called Lord Protector. Charles the second hid in an oak, James the second took the catholic yoke. William and Mary were offered the crown, Anne was next - but reigned alone. George the first from Hanover came, George the second continued the name, George the third was loved in the land, George the fourth was polite and grand.

Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme Monarchs in Rhyme
Monarchs in Rhyme

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