If the Moon was a Heart

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The extensive Princeton Companion to Mathematics overview even needed a companion volume. Moon astronauts face higher rates of heart disease, study says New research claims radiation from deep space can cause cardiovascular problems Thu, Jul 28, , Updated: Thu, Jul 28, , Dick Ahlstrom.

Criticisim However, an Irish expert in space radiation has said the study goes against current findings.

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Moon disease: Apollo astronauts more likely to die of heart problems

Electric vehicles are gathering pace. Subscriber Only. Brexit pays Varadkar a welcome if unlikely dividend. Most Read in News. The Sun interacts with hydrogen atoms through a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light called Lyman-alpha, which the atoms can both absorb and emit. Thanks to its hydrogen absorption cell, the SWAN instrument could selectively measure the Lyman-alpha light from the geocorona and discard hydrogen atoms further out in interplanetary space. The good news is that these particles do not pose any threat for space travelers on future crewed missions orbiting the Moon.

Heart of Moon: The Mask of Seasons

Launched in December , the SOHO space observatory has been studying the Sun, from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind, for over two decades. The satellite orbits around the first Lagrange point L1 , some 1. The moon once had a magnetic heart, which helped the moon generate a magnetic field stronger than Earth's is now, researchers say. However, many mysteries remain about the magnetic field of the moon , such as what powered it and when it ended, the scientists added.

The moon today does not have a global magnetic field. However, moon rocks that astronauts collected during the Apollo missions suggested the moon once had a magnetic field billions of years ago.

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But scientists were uncertain whether the moon generated a magnetic field the same way Earth does, or if the magnetic fields seen on the moon were instead produced by outside forces. For instance, cosmic impacts on the moon could have sparked super-heated plasma that generated strong, brief magnetic fields, explaining the magnetized rocks the astronauts discovered.

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In the past six years or so, however, a new generation of scientific techniques and computer simulations has now made a strong case that the moon may have had a magnetic core like Earth's. Flowing metal in Earth's core makes the heart of the planet a dynamo — a generator of electrical current — and this dynamo generates Earth's magnetic field. If the moon had a dynamo that generated a magnetic field, that could yield key insights into its hidden inner structure. Recent scans of magnetized lunar rocks that show no evidence of effects from cosmic impacts now provide strong evidence that the moon had a magnetic field 4.

If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart
If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart
If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart
If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart
If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart
If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart
If the Moon was a Heart If the Moon was a Heart

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