I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers

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I Dream in Haiku; Poetry Book for Dreamers: Book of Haiku - German R. Sanchez - كتب Google

Skip to content. Dreamer Haiku — Senryu — Monoku by. Inspired by John castellenas.

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The peepal A rendezvous of random reflections of, by and for an eccentric, exploring soul. I feel that the unconscious mind reveals the true inner thoughts and struggles of a person. Many cultures believe that the dream world expresses unfinished business, inner fears, or true aspirations.

Love Haiku Book - Book of Haiku Poems and Art

Dreaming is one of the reasons I love to sleep so much. In my dreams, I have no restrictions. As a lucid dreamer, I can experience multiple dreams in a single sleep pattern where I am aware of the fact that I am dreaming, and have some control over the environment. These dreams are very vivid and realistic. The Girl Who Used to Smile.

Hercules on Gameday. Jon Livingston Doe. Skateboarding with Jesse. The epitome of cool when I was nine. I kick the road behind me. I never had the motivation until now. The Underworld of Fire.

Beautiful Dreamer

Deep below the Earth's surface, Fire erupts into gulfs of flames. A castle of obsidian awaits The arrival of the King Back from the human world. In his arms is a girl with the gift. Flight of Icarus In the Twenty-first Century. The following was inspired by the classic myth of Icarus. He had his youth, and Icarus wished, To fly with the planes and big rocket ships. But he was a boy, a being without wings,. Big black tears. Blowing Smoke. As night falls I must return Before I scare my mother silly And yet I cannot pull myself away From this coffee shop called "The Lilly" Oh, how the city lights glitter The wet pavement so bright.

Jake Story. Ares; The Millennial Gamer. Ares, the god of war, grew weak and lazy. Fighting battles was a chore but efficient killing was crazy, but he found a game online. This game had both war and crime. Ares found this game divine,. The Entitled's Curse.

August 12222

The Metropolitans, the Royals in a clash for the ages Pitchers throwing the balls like rockets in the night Players lining up to hit the batting cages But no one knew that all was not right. Cerberus The Destructive House Dog. Kanye West. The year is , The year that we fear only God will survive. We need a savior in this time of technology. For this blasphemy, my sincerest apology. My God, is this the return of Jesus? You must carry the game on Cause God wants the next generation of black men to be strong It won't be long before the bell is Tolled If you don't pass it on How can we last?

God made your age a teacher but. The Memories. She wasn't hunting deer anymore. She was searching for the mortals who were like her. Society said they were only part of ancient lore, But she knew they were real, she knew they felt hurt. The Siren's New Call. The siren of today doesn't lure men to death, But instead uses it for good, until her last, dying breath. Her ocean is polluted, her lungs filled with muck, She has to admit that she is now stuck. Two Deaths.

I'll Wait. Soon you will return, I'll be by your side I know you will be gone as soon as you arrive 3 months spent far away, another 6 out farther Maybe spending 2 more years before a chance at forever.

Raven and the lights. But as she lay there consumed with self pity. Modern Dating. One bump, two bump, and a loooong neck Ol' Nessie saw John by the old shipwreck John was wandering, looking for the nearest Pokemon Gym Nessie found herself falling in love with him. The Enchanting Medusa. I'm very scary, or so it seems; I'm really very sweet.

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Look past my writhing snaked and look at me: my beauty, my grace, my kindness inside. Now I have enchanted you forever with my Medusa vibes. My Lifetime Partner. I didn't believe Love at first sight until I saw you for the first time I noticed the sun touching your beautiful golden skin adding to your natural shine I rubbed my eyes with confusion. Oh, how Patroclus wished for a chance To be heard and to be glanced. A Motorcycle Named Cerberus.

Flowers fill your hair, the smell of pomegranates fills the air. I don't know why you talk to me or give me the looks that you dare. Your mother hates me, no one can blame her for that. Everlasting Love.

Looking back all those years, great love and everlasting tears. Sad loss. True Tests of Life. When ignored, what can i do but grow? My power is from those who wish not to know, At first a bother, Soon becoming mortal foe,.

I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers
I Dream in Haiku; A Poetry Book for Dreamers

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