Galloway Township (Images of America)

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There are many ways you can help by using water wisely. Read more. We are committed to being involved with, and giving back to the communities we serve in a variety of ways including volunteering, attending conferences, and speaking at industry events. Welcome to New Jersey American Water! Water reaches far into our every day lives, even farther than we realize. Our Water Learning Center provides helpful and interesting information about the industry, the treatment process and ways you can help protect our water supply.

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Where does the water we drink and cook with come from? The water cycle is in constant motion and flows through its process. I used to stay in the back of the room, rarely speak, and try to be invisible.

The training did a terrific job encouraging us to reflect on times when we feel powerless, and to consider how those times can help shape how we react to the world and drive us in our work. Thank you. The training rocked my world and gave me a new roadmap for action. Amazingly intense and perspective-shifting.

Great content, compelling examples, helpful exercises and an energized group of participants.

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One reason for this persistent power gap is that we too often confuse the visual trappings of diversity and policies of inclusion with genuine integration and political equality. The program included presentations and workshops on the power of an emerging multiracial electorate and the social and human costs of racial segregation. There were workshops, panels and presentations about work on the ground combating segregation in schools, housing and jobs and meaningful and timely discussions on the historic role of multiracial political power in America and the critical importance of black leadership and racial justice as part of any progressive agenda.

Click here for Sponsorship Options. Click here for Clyburn Tribute. Click here for the Program. Click here for Summit Speakers. Click here to Register On Line. Click here for the Preliminary Program. Click here Lodging in New Brunswick. Click here for Directions to the Labor Education Center. Details and schedule for the trainings and for the Summit will be provided to our members and supporters in the coming weeks. Nearly education, civil rights, labor, faith and local elected leaders gathered on November 30, to discuss the pressing issue of school segregation in New Jersey.

The convening included experts, civil rights lawyers and historians and well as educators, parents and practitioners. Historians Leslie Wilson from Montclair State University and Khalil Gibran Muhammad of the Harvard Kennedy School provided historical context and personal stories that highlighted the underlying causes as well as the political, social and economic structures underpinning segregation in our society. Kendra Johnson of Montclair Public Schools talked of the importance of power dynamics when addressing racial disparities.

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Miguel Hernandez of Haledon Public Schools spoke about the role of relationship building among students and parents as key to success in his district. Christine Johnson cautioned about the role of private and charter schools in perpetuating segregation in an otherwise diverse district.

Galloway Township

Finally, Dr. Rocco Tomazic of Freehold Borough argued that while there were many problems to consider in addressing school segregation, a "bigger and bolder" approach to a remedy was the better way to go.

Five years of Dateline's Missing in America: 109 still missing

Audience members including labor leaders, local elected officials, parents and school board members, weighed in with comments and questions that reinforced the sentiment that big and bold over meek and mild was the direction the group wanted to go. Conference organizers and participants agreed to hold similar gatherings across the state with practitioners and stakeholders and to engage legislative leadership about advancing a meaningful and inclusive process for addressing the problem and the lawsuit.

On May 17, a lawsuit was filed against the state of New Jersey claiming the level of racial and economic segregation in its public schools violated its own constitution. The meetings will seek input on the remedy from local constituency groups and leaders including school board members, parents, teachers, students and administrators as well as local elected leaders, labor leaders, local civil rights leaders and faith leaders.

The effort will emphasize multiracial leadership among constituencies and in places we believe need to be included and to have their voices heard. We will draw on our networks of civil rights, law and policy experts in New Jersey and nationally through Building One America as well as our own experienced constituency leaders and members of the state steering committee and regional organizing committees. In addition, will be providing trainings for leaders of key constituencies and organizations to prepare of ourselves for what is expected to be a protracted campaign around this very critical issue.

Each regional gathering will be designed to solicit input and reactions to a set of recommendations. Shorter trainings will be offered at the regional level throughout the process to build support and secure allies. Fundraising - This effort will require more significant financial support as it shifts to becoming an ongoing campaign with a need for organizational support.

A structure for dues, membership fees, sponsorships and training fees will be developed and funds will be solicited from members, participants, allies and potential corporate and charitable donors a well as labor unions. There will be a large, statewide gathering in early This gathering will include the Governor, the Education Commissioner, and key legislative leadership. It will also include education and community leaders from across the state. The meeting will set seek to secure initial commitments from the governor and legislative leadership to support the group's recommendations.

A joint legislative committee will be proposed to hold hearings on the topic. Regional groups will re-gather. Nix, Richard E. Brooklyn Book Festival This hip, smart, diverse gathering attracts thousands of book lovers of all ages. Lee T. In this book, eleven men and women share their extraordinary stories of fleeing life-threatening hardship in their home countries in search of a better life in the United States. Giving a voice to refugees from such far-flung locations as Eritrea, Guatemala, Poland, Syria, and Vietnam, it weaves together a rich tapestry of human resilience, suffering, and determination.

Please join us for cocktails and light refreshments. Hear brief remarks from the authors Jonathan D. Cohen, Daniel Wolff and Kenneth Womack.

For tickets and information, contact Robert Reid at If you are interested in becoming a member of the Galloway Historical Society, an application form accompanies this story on Galloway Patch. Nearby Places. Back to the Galloway Patch.

Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)
Galloway Township (Images of America) Galloway Township (Images of America)

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