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The family was the Jacob de Jager family. Brother de Jager became the president of an elders quorum. His employer, the gigantic Phillips Company, then transferred him to Mexico, where he served the Church with distinction. Later he became the counselor to several mission presidents in Holland; he then became a Regional Representative of the Twelve; he then became a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, serving as the executive administrator of the work in Southeast Asia. I ask the question: Was it an important decision that the missionaries made to visit the de Jagers?

That which we believe is a very important matter. Let us consider carefully our responsibility to search for truth. At a dance for the freshman class at the University of Utah, I was dancing with a girl from West High School when a young lady from East High School danced by with her partner. I just took one look and decided that there was a young lady I wanted to meet.

Here was the young lady whom I had seen dancing across the floor, and she was standing with another young lady and a young man whom I remembered from early school days. What should I do?

Decision of destiny by Seiji Yokoyama HQ 432Hz (Saint seiya)

I stood up straight, gathered my courage, and plunged toward my opportunity. Then he introduced me to the girl who later became my wife.

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That decision was one of the most important decisions that I have ever made. Young people who are at that particular time in their lives have the responsibility to make similar decisions. Elder Bruce R.

It is important that each of you become acquainted with the person you plan to marry, that there is certainty that each of you is looking down the same pathway with the same eternal objectives in mind. Frequently we find that missionaries tend to emulate their mission president. If he is an educator, a great number of missionaries will want to be educators; if he is a businessman, a large number will want to study business; if he is a doctor, many of the missionaries will want to be physicians, for they naturally desire to emulate a man whom they respect and admire.

I believe it should be a field that will challenge your intellect and a field that will make maximum utilization of your talents and capabilities; and finally, I think it should be a field that will provide you sufficient money to provide adequately for a companion and children. I quote a passage of which President David O. Adequate preparation enhances the ability to think and to decide. We find many people who are willing to excuse their failure. When two courses of action were open to me, I had not chosen, as a good commander should, the bolder course of action.

I had chosen the other because I was afraid. I urge you to not be afraid. Our Heavenly Father will make it possible for you to accomplish your tasks. If one should stumble, if one should take a course and get less than the top grade desired, I hope such a one will not let it become a discouraging thing to him.

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I hope that he will rise and try again. Consider the experience of Admiral Chester W. When he graduated as an ensign, he was given an old, decrepit destroyer as his first command. It was named the Decatur. It was all he could do to prepare the old destroyer for sailing and on one of its first voyages, Ensign Nimitz ran the ship aground.


It resulted in an immediate court martial. Had Chester Nimitz not been the kind of man he was, that defeat could have ruined his career. But what did he do?

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He showed everyone that one defeat could not keep a good man down. What will be my faith? Whom shall I marry?

I am so grateful that we need not make decisions without heavenly help. All can have the guidance and direction of our Heavenly Father if we strive for it. Whatever is happening in your life right now has something to do with your past decisions. If you made good decisions, then you are reaping good things. But if you made bad decisions, you are suffering.

Decisions Determine Destiny

Understand this, right choices are important. By making a decision to change. Everything starts with a decision. Your history is connected to decisions and your future is connected to decisions. Thoughts are the byproduct of how you see yourself, others, and the world around you. One of your biggest challenges is getting your thoughts in order. When you get your thoughts in order, you will get your words in order. These two things will start to change your world. There was a man in our church. He was a good person with a big problem. One of his problems was his presentation.

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  4. He had a ponytail, wore rose colored glasses, and tattered pants. He dressed like he was straight out of the old hippy movement of the late s. I have seen this before, wherever people get hurt or rejected for some reason, sometimes their emotional maturity ends there. Anyway, his outer image of himself matched his inner image of himself. He needed to change. He needed to enter a new season.

    After several counseling sessions and much prayer, he began to renew his mind by the word of God. This process started to give him a different view of himself.

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    He cut his hair and traded his glasses for contacts. In three days he got a great job. His wife was elated. He even has his own business.

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