Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)

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She is forced to do tasks for Roscoe and Pallimo all in the preservation of her life as well as her family's. For an ordinary teen, I guess that would be more than one can take.

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However, Tanie just rolls with the punches. Tanie has her moments of contemplation but she pushes that aside so that she gets the job done and prevents herself from being killed. Tanie spares no one in her way. She gets the job done no matter what. Great persistence!

Hopefully there is another chapter to her life in the future. On that note, I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and family.

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I'm not sure this was really a "hood" book, even though I found it boring, others may not.. I like hood books that has sex in it. There was a lot of killing in this story but it got to be a little boring also I found myself getting a bit confused after reading this sexless storyif tanie is suppose to be this big bad girl, why was she scared? I probably won't read this agin. Tanies life seemed so damn sad, she's being pimp by others to do their dirty work, I felt sorry for her.

After all Tanie has been through she still manages to stay in the middle of some b. After ultimately ending her friendship with Angela, Tanie continues to work for Roscoe Wanting to keep her family safe she continues to make runs for Roscoe, but her next assignment brings forth a whole web of lies, deceit, and death. I really enjoyed reading this book. I had given up on books that I found for free but I was happy I gave this one a shot.

It held my attention and was different from other books I read which all have the same plot. Once I started reading I realized that I missed out on books before it but nonetheless, it was still great. Now I'm going back to catch up on what I missed so I can learn more about Tanie. I have enjoyed reading the ExKiller series. Tania for a nineteen year old really has a jacked up life.

Thats what happens when you want fast money you must suffer the consequences. Even with Roscoe's death she still won't be able to go home.. Go to Amazon. In sticking as close to the source as he could barring a slightly improved ending , Snyder all but took himself out of the equation, creating a film which takes not just its narrative and dialogue but its visual style, its colour palette, its soundtrack, even its editing from Moore's masterpiece.

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Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2) Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)
Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2) Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)
Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2) Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)
Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2) Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)
Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2) Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)
Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2) Bringin Hell (The Tanie Howard Series Book 2)

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